This New & Improved Smart Tracker Will Help You Crush Your Health & Fitness Goals
At a Price You Won’t Believe!
The TechLabDeals Fitness Company believes everyone should have access to the best tools to get into great shape
by Jeff G.
Tue Feb 23 2021 09:20:50 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Until now, a select few big brands have dominated the health and fitness tech industry.
Smartwatches and fitness trackers from these companies range anywhere from $250 up to $1000!
But now, for the first time, they’ve got some serious competition.
The health and fitness company TechLabDeals have released a new upgraded smart tracker called LiveFit that packs more features than ever before (at a fraction of the price)!
LiveFit Offers the Best of Both Worlds: Fitness Tracking and Heart Monitoring at an Affordable Price
LiveFit is an all-new wearable device that combines the health and fitness benefits of a smartwatch and a fitness tracker.
What really sets this device apart is the dual sensors that give you precise readings of your body’s key vital signs in real time.
One of the industry's dirty little secrets is that many fitness trackers have trouble monitoring people with darker skin. LiveFit solves that issue; it works great on all skin tones, including tattoos.
With just a quick glance at your wrist, you can find out your heart rate, skin temperature (this can help you manage stress and detect when you’re getting sick), and more! These measurements make it fast and easy to build healthy habits, manage stress, and spot the warning signs of heart disease.
It even comes with a built-in fitness app. Every time you start a workout, LiveFit will automatically track your steps, how far you’ve run, and how many calories you’ve burned. It can even analyze the quality of your sleep!
Here’s How LiveFit is Giving the Big Brands
a Run for Their Money
LiveFit was designed to combine all the best parts of big brand smartwatches and fitness trackers, giving it a truly impressive range of features
Here’s just a small preview of what LiveFit can do:
Keep You Healthy – LiveFit features dual sensors that gives you 24/7 monitoring of your body’s most important vital signs.
Detect Risks – By monitoring your heart rate and skin temperature, LiveFit helps you spot the warning signs of sickness and heart disease.
Get Fit Faster – With apps designed to track and record your workouts, LiveFit pushes you to stay active and helps you improve.
Crush Your Goals – LiveFit stores all your data and allows you to set daily goals and follow your progress every step of the way.
Get Better Sleep – The LiveFit app tracks your sleep pattern so you can get a better night’s rest and feel more refreshed in the morning.
Stay Connected – LiveFit lets you read your smartphone messages and notifications with a glance at your wrist so you can stay in the loop while you’re working out.
Go Anywhere – LiveFit has a durable comfort wristband, a battery that lasts for days, and splash-proof casing; you’ll never have to take it off.
Best of all, LiveFit is MORE AFFORDABLE than identical devices made by big brands.
With LiveFit You Pay for Quality,
Not a Brand Name
Big brands spend all their money on marketing and then jack up the price of their products to compensate.
LiveFit sells directly to consumers. Their profits are reinvested into research and development, meaning you get a superior product at a fraction of the price.
Even with its advanced dual sensors, LiveFit is the most affordable smart tracker on the market!
The secret is out; more and more people are choosing LiveFit instead of the over-priced big brand models.
Their official website is filled with 5-star reviews like these:
Works just as well as the expensive models
David K. -
Tue Feb 23 2021 09:20:50 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Good fitness band for half the money as apple with all the key performance metrics
Yes, I recommend this product.
Keeps me motivated to stick with my workout
Janet D. -
Tue Feb 23 2021 09:20:50 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Easy to use and keeps me on track of my fitness goals and I’ve challenged myself to keep a certain amount of steps per day.
Yes, I recommend this product.
Highly recommend!
Daniel B. -
Tue Feb 23 2021 09:20:50 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
Really pleased with the design, functionality, and ease of use of this product! So pleased to find some extra features I didn’t even realize I would love & really appreciate!
Yes, I recommend this product.
Nicole R. -
Tue Feb 23 2021 09:20:50 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
I've really enjoyed using this smart watch/fitness tracker. It's helped encourage me to be more active and I like that it tracks my sleep and gives more health readings than most other fitness trackers.
Yes, I recommend this product.
I love my LiveFit!
Patrick B. -
Tue Feb 23 2021 09:20:50 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
LiveFit is a nice simple alternative to an Apple watch and strips away some of the more distracting features while still giving you great access to important stats and features
Yes, I recommend this product.
If you’re Looking for an Affordable Way to Improve Your Health, LiveFit is Your Best Bet!
Don’t waste your hard-earned money on a brand name!
LiveFit combines all the best features with universal sensors and offers it all to you at a cheaper price.
If you want to lose weight, get in shape, and start living a healthier life, LiveFit will help you do it without breaking the bank.
LiveFit isn’t a secret anymore though—they have sold out twice over the past three months. If you want to take advantage of this incredible bargain, act now before they’re all gone!
LiveFit is only available through their official website.
Click the link below to see if there are any left in stock:
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